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Welsh Part-Bred Horse Group.


The Welsh Part Bred Horse is proven as a top class performance and show animal and is over 148 cms with a minimum of 12.5% registered Welsh blood.


The group runs an annual Affiliated Performance Awards Scheme to encourage and promote welsh part-breds in any sphere or discipline.

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Welsh Part Breds:

“They have the movement and character to work in all spheres”
Jennie Loriston-Clarke.

“They have a lot of presence and are very good rides; I’m happy to have horses with Welsh blood”
Robert Oliver.

“They are a useful foundation, when mated with a TB, to breed and event horse”
Sam Barr

“I don’t mind a strain of Welsh blood in an event horse, their character and native cleverness are great strengths”
Rodney Powell


Amy Hawley & Helpfull Harry II